The results are in!

Brooklyn was the home of the WWE Universe the last few days and home to some crazy upsets as well! Jinder Mahal is still your WWE Champion and Baron Corbin is still briefcase-less after suffering a loss to John Cena. A quick note: The New Day vs. The Uso's questions and the Neville vs. Towaza questions were removed from the Pick 'Em due to those matches being moved to the pre-show. Yell at Baron Corbin for costing you points last Tuesday on SmackDown Live for burning his Money in the Bank cash in opportunity. The "How many suplexes will Brock Lesnar give Braun Strowman" question was also a wash since Strowman did not earn any frequent flyer miles.

Milo "8 Mile" Radivojac used his skill set to propel himself to the SummerSlam Pick 'Em victory with 213 points. Nice work, Milo! Send us some pictures from Philly! Hot on Milo's trail was AK Singh who also finished the evening with 213 points but had to settle for second place after the tiebreakers. Great picks, AK! We know you are here to stay.

A trifecta of Pick 'Em Prime Time Players, Jayden Holman, James McKenna and Rohit Sikka, all racked up 203 points and duked it out in the tiebreakers. When the dust settled Jammin' Jayden Holman earned the third spot with James "Mac Daddy" McKenna earning 4th place and Mr. Sikka rounding out the top 5.

Wrestling Analyst and Chair Shot Reality host Justin LaBar settles in 6th place with 187 points. Check Justin out on Twitter in all his glory @JustinLaBar. Todd "Beat me if you can, survive if I let you" Handley put up an impressive 181 points to finish in 7th place. Eric McGinnis continues to make his run toward the MVP award by earning an 8th place finish with 176 points.

@SeanRossSapp from puts up 171 points, good for 9th place. Be sure to give @FightfulOnline a peak on Twitter. Sarah Budash of Pittsburgh, PA rounds out the top 10 in the SummerSlam Pick 'Em with 171 points. Great picks, Sarah! @sarah_bucket.

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