The Results Are IN!

3rd place winner Robert Kojder

The results are in! We saw some Pick 'Em veterans pick up prizes again. It was newcomer Keith Rothschild of New York, however, who will have Pick 'Em winner bragging rights for at least a month as he is the official Night of Champions Pick 'Em winner with 69 points. Congrats, Keith! $400.00 cash is coming your way along with any shirt of your choice from Follow Keith on Twitter @keithisac

@KylePatrie of Boston, Mass secures second place with a not so shabby 68 points and earns $100 and a shirt from

Third place goes to Robert Kojder of Bridgeview, IL as he tallied up 64 points en route to $50 and a shirt from Follow Robert @phantomwriter89. Nice pic with the Dead Man!

4th place winner Chris Johnson

Chris Johnson of Bensalem, PA and Derek Zukiwsky of Canada duked it out in a tie-breaker for 4th place. They both ended up with 63 points and were still tied after going to all of the tie breakers! Therefore, both will receive a copy of Daniel Bryan's book. Great job, guys! @johnsonC89 @zprime33

5th place goes to Adam Fisch of Davie, Florida who will get a shirt of his choice courtesy of @WWEShopDeals. Adam will be gunning for the top spot for the Hell in a Cell Pick 'Em contest next month. Adam is on Twitter @noles4life

4th place winner Derek Zukiwsky

Mrs. Foley's Baby Boy's Baby Girl Noelle Foley got in on the action with a respectable 58 points. Noelle will be at Ringside Fest on October 3 at Caroline's in NYC. Visit for more info. You can also see Noelle and Frank The Clown in the teaser trailer for "Marks: It's Still Real To Me" at Good stuff! @FrankWWEClown @NoelleFoley

Other WWE Super Fans @brocklesnarguy and @WWEsBiggestFan participated in the Pick 'Em contest along with fans from all around the globe. Check out some other top scores below. Thanks to everyone! We will be back with next month's Hell in a Cell Pick 'Em on

Keith Rothschild 69
Kyle Patrie 68
Robert Kojder 64
Chris Johnson 63
Derek Zukiwski 63
Adam Fisch 63 (bumped to 5th place after a tie-breaker)
Steve Moss 62
Steve Bainer 62
Brian Kelly 58
Noelle Foley 58
Michael Lucarelli 58
Frank Satira 57
Chris Mckelvey 57
Amar Sohal 57
Michael Bellemare 56
Julian Aggio 53
Jason Kelley 53
Frank Olszewski 53
Joe Dellarciprete 53
Joey Bricco 53