The results are in!

Hell in a Cell live from Detroit Rock City delivered! Once the cage was raised back up and the dust settled from one of the wildest WWE nights in recent memory, it was AK Singh; perhaps with the luck of the Singh Brothers on his side, who stood tall a top the Pick 'Em world. AK scored 178 out of a possible 185 points to nab the HIAC victory and racked up 10 points in the MVP race. Congrats!

Tye Dillinger being added to the United States Title match at the last minute voided that question for the Pick 'Em. What a battle for second place it was as Jayden Holman edged out Rohit Sikka by only one point, 165 to 164. Solid picks! Both fellas have their eye on the MVP prize.

Speaking of the MVP race, the top 2 in the MVP contest heading into Hell in a Cell were battling again, this time for fourth place in the HIAC Pick 'Em. Milo Radivojac got the best of James McKenna with a score of 163-162. Golf clap! Rounding out the top 10 was Scott Gotta 158, Brent Carswell 158, Laffie Green 152, Steven Guerrero 150 and Mike Sizer 148. Great work, gents!

Thank you to everyone who entered the demonic structure! We will be back with a huge Survivor Series weekend which will include a special War Games Pick 'Em. More info will be announced soon, stay tuned!

The Top 20:

    1. AK Singh 178
    2. Jayden Holman 165
    3. Rohit Sikka 164
    4. Milo Radivojac 163
    5. James McKenna 162
    6. Scott Gotta 158
    7. Brent Carswell 158
    8. Laffie Green 152
    9. Steven Guerrero 150
    10. Mike Sizer 148
    11. Craig Merczak 139
    12. Drew Baydala 136
    13. Kenneth Ramos 133
    14. Matthew Knill 131
    15. Frank The Clown 130
    16. Justin Roberts 129
    17. Eric Avila 128
    18. Brian Kelly 125
    19. Ashley Williamson 120
    20. Christopher Garcia 120

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